20 November, 2011


DRIVERS AND WALKERS SHOULD REMEMBER PEDESTRIAN SAFETY AS DAYLIGHT HOURS GROW SHORTER As winter approaches and the daylight hours grow shorter, many of us are now commuting home from work in the darkness. The Metropolitan Police Department would like to remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings to ensure the safe travels of other drivers and pedestrians on our city streets. We all need to exercise extra caution and take responsibility for our personal safety and the safety of those around us. Drivers are reminded to turn on vehicle headlights and be vigilant in watching for pedestrians. As the weather gets colder, watch the road, as wet or icy spots are considerably harder to see in the dark. When walking or exercising in the dusk or dark, keep the following tips in mind: • Stay on the sidewalk, not in the street; only cross the street in crosswalks with traffic control devices. • Look both ways before crossing the street • Never run between cars into the street. • Wear clothing that allows drivers and people to see you. That means no dark clothes after dark or early in the morning. • Exercising outdoors at dusk or at night can be dangerous without some type of reflective device on your clothing. Many athletic shoes have reflective qualities built in, but also consider a vest complete with reflective tape. • Keep alert! Dawn and dusk offer convenient shadows for muggers and other crooks. Officers will continue to enforce traffic safety laws and assist motorists and pedestrians in need. Your participation in ensuring traffic and public safety is critical, and we greatly appreciate your attention to this important matter.

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