26 November, 2011


DC DMV TICKET AMNESTY PROGRAM ENDS JANUARY 2012 For the past five months, the District of Columbia has been conducting temporary ticket amnesty program that allows customers to pay older outstanding tickets without having to pay the penalty that would otherwise have been assessed on the ticket. But time is running out. The amnesty program ends on January 27, 2012. All open parking tickets, citations for moving violations and photo-enforcement tickets issued before January 1, 2010, qualify under the amnesty program. “This program is an incentive for customers to pay off their old tickets,” said Mayor Gray. “In the current economic environment, we expect that many customers will take advantage of this opportunity to clear their debts to DMV at a lower cost – producing revenue results for the District.” Under the program: • Hearings cannot be requested on amnesty tickets. • Amnesty tickets are eligible for a ticket-payment plan. • Payments on tickets made prior to August 1, 2011 are not eligible for a refund. • No points will be assessed on moving-violation tickets paid.

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