11 October, 2011

From MPD Office of Community Outreach

Please take a look at the October Calendar, which includes upcoming events, related to National Crime Prevention Month.  In addition, you will begin seeing safety information in the morning Crime Reports, consistent with recently-reported crimes from around the city to help you avoid being the victim to similar crimes.  As always, thank you for being the extra eyes and ears in our community.  We appreciate your membership and ask that you share this information with others.
Office of Community Outreach
Metropolitan Police Department
October 2011
October 1st- National Crime Prevention Council Unveiled the New Look of McGruff the Crime Dog© to Law Enforcement Agencies Around the Country.
October 3rd- Mayor/Police Chief Welcome 35 New Police Recruits.  Metropolitan Police Academy, Washington, DC.
See "Employment Opportunities" at http://www.mpdc.dc.gov  (Applications are being accepted for 265 more officers.  Website to be updated asap)
October 4th- Sr. Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Mtg Re: Volunteer Recruitment, 9am, DC Office on Aging, 441 4th St, NW.
October 4th- Start of the MPD Reserve Corps (Fall Class).  To join or to learn more about MPD's Volunteer Programs, download the brochure by visiting: http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/lib/mpdc/pdf/mpd_vol_programs.pdf
or contact Marvin.Haiman@dc.gov
October 4th thru 28th- Citywide School Presentations with McGruff the Crime Dog© Re: Halloween Safety.
October 5th- Safety information to the DC Office on Aging to distribute safety information to DC's Senior Population.
October 11th- Citywide Neighborhood Watch Training, http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/NeighborhoodWatch Second Police District, 3320 Idaho Ave, NW, Nolantutor@yahoo.com or http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/NeighborhoodWatch (Note: This training is ongoing and will take place around the city in the coming months.)
October 11th- Safety Seminar for Howard University Students, Marco.Santiago@dc.gov  (3D)
October 15th- PSA 504, 10am, Understanding Crime Reporting, Fayette.Vaughn-Lee@dc.gov (5D)
October 18th- Domestic Violence Presentation by the US Atty's Office- 5101 16th St, NW (4D)
October 19th- PSA 501, 7pm, Understanding Crime Reporting, Fayette.Vaughn-Lee@dc.gov, (5D)
October 19th- Court Watch Meeting: Learn how cases are processed through the courts and how community impact statements can help address the judge overseeing the case of a violent offender.  6:30pm, Fifth District Station, 1805 Bladensburg, Rd, NE (open to all), khenderson029@aol.com
October 20th- Fourth District Citizen Advisory Council Mtg, US Atty's Office, Domestic Violence Presentation, 4D Station, Derek.Staten@dc.gov
October 21st - 23rd- All Hands on Deck, Metropolitan Police Department, Gwendolyn.Crump@dc.gov  http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/AHOD
October 22nd- Citywide Domestic Violence Awareness Summit, 9am, Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, 2616 M. L. King Jr, Ave, SE (Breakfast & Lunch Served), Childcare also provided., 9am, Lendia.Johnson@dc.gov

October 24th- 7pm, Community Discussion with Neighborhood Leaders, Community College of DC, MPD & DOES- National Crime Prevention Month Discussion on Suggested Courses and Locations around the city for the Community College of DC, Location: Department of Employment Services Bldg, 4058 Minnesota Ave, NE (Next to Minnesota Ave Metro Station) (Metro Multi-level Parking Garage directly behind bldg), Neighborhood Watch Manuals & Other Giveaways Provided.  Don't miss this chance to talk to members of the University of the District of Columbia on the educational needs in your community. (Refreshments Served.) More information: Yvonne.Smith@dc.gov

Week of October 24th- Community Safety Bike Ride on Met Branch Trail with MPD's Mountain Bike Officers.  More information to come to Met Branch Trail and 5D YahooGroups sites or see Fayette.Vaughn-Lee@dc.gov, 202-698-0188
October 27th- Fifth District Citizen Advisory Council Annual Public Safety Awards Gala to Honor Officers, Community Leaders and Recognition of Recent Loss of Officer Jelani Prather, 6:30pm, Washington Navy Yard.  JamoJam@msn.com Mr. James Berry (5D)
October 26th- Second District Station, Idaho Avenue, Burglary Prevention Presentation, 7pm, Rhonda.Hardy@dc.gov (2D)
October 28th- US Atty's Office Halloween Safe Haven, CarolynL.smith@dc.gov (1D)
October 29th- Friday (6-9pm) Halloween Party for Children (12 & under), Second District Station, Idaho Avenue, Rhonda.Hardy@dc.gov (2D)
October 29th - 31st- Fifth District Annual Halloween Safe Haven Event, Arboretum Recreation Center, 6-8:30pm,
Fayette.Vaughn-Lee@dc.gov (5D)
October 29th- Sixth District Halloween Kiddie Cabaret, 1pm, Boys & Girls Club (Next to Sixth District Main Station)  4103 Benning Road, NE 202-698-1315, Officer Larry Martin (Larry.Martin@dc.gov) (6D)
October 30th - 31st-  First District's Halloween Safe Haven Events & Renown Haunted House. 5-8pm, 101 M. St, SW, CarolynL.smith@dc.gov (1D)
October 31st- Fourth District Station's Halloween Safe Haven Party and Dance Presentation by Culture Shock.  6-9pm, Location: TBA, Derek.Staten@dc.gov (4D)
October 31st- Third District Station (1620 V Street, NW) & Park View Rec Center Halloween Safe Haven Events.  Marco.Santiago@dc.gov, 6-8pm, (3D)
October 31st- Sixth District Annual Halloween Celebration for Children (ages 5 - 12) Costume Parade and Candy Party.  Boys & Girls Club (Next to Sixth District Main Station)  4103 Benning Road, NE, 5pm, 202-698-1315, Officer Larry Martin (Larry.Martin@dc.gov) (6D)
October 31st- Seventh District's Haunted House and Halloween Safe Haven Block Party for Families.  Lendia.Johnson@dc.gov, (7D)
Open House- Special Liaison Division- the Special Liaison Division is a compilation of specialized units with special-trained officers, prepared to assist the following populations with public safety matters: Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Latino, Asian, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender.  Date, Time and Location of Open House to be Announced.  For more information, contact Edward.Delgado@dc.gov
This calendar will be updated daily and reminders will be sent out.

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