11 July, 2011

PSA 102 Neighborhood Public Safety Meeting

Tuesday 12 July 2011
Sherwood Recreation Center
7:00 P.M.
Public Safety Meeting

Lieutenant Christopher Micciche, PSA 102 Manager

Crime Report and Open Community Discussions.


I. Introductions 2 min

II. Old Business 20 min
1. Last 30 Day Crime and Year to Date Crime
2. Police Report on Crime
3. Community Questions

III. New Business 20 min

a. Vacant Property (Crime Related)
b. Nuisance Property Report
c. Business/Retail/Apartment Crime Safety Report
d. Noise Ordinance Complaints
e. Parking and Special Attention Issues
f. Alley Report
g. Prostitution Complaints
h. Juvenile Crime Report

IV. Questions and Announcements 15 min

V. Adjournment 8:15pm

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