22 July, 2011

MPD Warns of new scheme aimed at defrauding elderly

The Metropolitan Police Department wants to alert members of the community —
particularly senior citizens — of a recent advance fee scheme being reported in our area.
The perpetrators begin by approaching elderly individuals to offer jobs for $100 a day. They
then get the elder to open a bank account with $50 the schemer provides them. Afterwards,
the perpetrator drives the elder around to buy goods with the elder’s new checking account,
often for items valued much more than the original $50 — sometimes racking up thousands
of dollars in expenses. When the issuing bank seeks repayment for the expenditures over the
initial $50, the elderly victim is left with the balance, unable to pay. Residents are advised to
be alert to the potential for scams such as this and others in which they can become easy
targets. If an opportunity seems implausible, it is probably best avoided. The old saying that
“if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” definitely applies here.

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