22 June, 2011

People Steal Bikes!

Borrowed from 4D:
Summer is here and your bikes and outdoor property may be vulnerable.  Please consider these tips to protect your property:

When you are at home, please keep your bike secure and locked at all times. 

When you are out, always lock your bike, even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes.

Avoid parking your bike in isolated or dimly-lit places.  Always park your bike in a well light well populated area when possible.  Thieves are less likely to commit a theft where they can be easily seen.

Get a good bike lock. The hardened steel D shaped locks are recommended as the minimum standard.

The theft of garden ornaments, furniture, yard tools, and planters is another Spring/Summer trend. 
Consider the security of your yard and remember that valuable planters and ornaments are safer in the back garden where passersby are less likely to see them.
Secure garden furniture by using an anchoring device and other devices to make it harder to move. 
Use brackets to protect your hanging baskets and plants. 
Consider marking and photographing your valuables. If they are difficult to mark, take a photograph anyway to help with identification if the worst happens and they are stolen.
The tools and equipment in sheds and garages are more attractive to thieves who find them easier to sell as the weather improves. Please NEVER leave your sheds or garages unlocked.
Mark your property with your post-code and house number.

Visible markings where possible, fit strong padlocks to doors.

Consider getting a shed alarm – they are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

I hope you find these tips helpful this summer.
Mr. Derek Staten
Fourth District Community Outreach Coordinator

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