29 April, 2011

Farewell from Commander Kamperin

Dear Community Members:

After 32 years in law enforcement (nearly 26 with MPD) I’ve decided to retire and pursue a career and other interests within the private sector and to spend more time with my family. This was not an easy decision to leave a career and agency that I love so much and am so proud to have been a part of. There is not much more in life that is more rewarding then being able to do what you love and are passionate about. During these past 26 years with MPD I have been blessed with many diverse professional opportunities and career advancements. I have enjoyed my opportunities to meet and work with great people; not only within MPD but also throughout the communities I have served. The 1D Community is in good hands with its dedicated public servants. Also, MPD is fortunate to have the talent level it does so that the transition of new leadership at 1D will be seamless. Rest assured I will work with my replacement and the Chief of Police to ensure this is accomplished.

Over the past nearly four years we have accomplished many things within the First District: increased foot patrols throughout the community, decreased response time for calls for service, improved customer service, enhanced Community Policing within the Patrol Service Areas and annual crime reductions. In 2010, through the dedication and efforts of the men and women of the First District, working closely with the community, 1D received the Department’s Crime Reduction Award.

I want to thank each of you who have assisted me and 1D in our successes- it’s impossible to reach these achievements without the strong support of neighbors and businesses that take the time and get involved with their local police. I also want to acknowledge our outstanding officials here at 1D who have worked diligently on strategic plans to enhance public safety and excelled in leading their teams to that end.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Chief Cathy Lanier and Assistant Chief Diane Groomes for trusting in me and my abilities to lead the First District; their guidance and counsel; providing resources to accomplish our goals and for being available anytime to assist me. It is often that these qualities are not seen on the “front lines” as great leaders often remain in the shadows allowing their people to shine.

Although my last day is May 21st, the Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) for 1D is planning a public event at our next scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 3rd at 7pm here at 1D in our community room (additional information will be put out by them on this listserv). In addition I will be taking this opportunity to acknowledge some members for their efforts during 2010. I hope you can join us.

Again thank you for your involvement, support and encouragement over the past several years. I wish each of you prosperity, health, happiness and of course safety-stay involved YOU do make the difference.

David Kamperin

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