25 April, 2011

Citywide Information for DC Residents:

Citywide Information for DC Residents:

1) U.S. Atty's Office Court Reports: http://www.justice.gov/usao/dc/programs/cp/Court_Reports/court_reports.html

2) MPD & Neighborhood Watch Training: http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/NeighborhoodWatch

3) DEA's National Takeback Day (Safe Disposal of Old & Expired Prescription Drugs): http://www.nationaltakebackday.com/

4) DC Gov't - Make a Request for City Services: http://311.dc.gov/

5) Summer Jobs for Teens: Jr. Police Academy: http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/JPA

6) Summer Jobs for Teens: DC Department of Parks and Recreation: http://dpr.dc.gov/DC/DPR/About+DPR/Employment/DPR+Summer+Employment

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