12 February, 2011

MPD Announces New Police Officers in a Class of 47

Patrols in DC neighborhoods are being boosted by the addition of 47 officers who were sworn in during a graduation ceremony on Friday, February 11, 2011, at the Gallaudet University’s Elstad Auditorium in Northeast DC.

During the ceremony training awards were presented to officers from both graduating recruit classes. Recruit Class 2010-1 Officer Phillip McHugh received the Academic and Vehicle Skills Awards; Officer William Ryan got the Firearms Award; and Officers Ursula Tutt and Joseph Mulcay were recognized with the Physical Skills Awards. The following officers from Recruit Class 2010-2 were also recognized: Officer William Karabelas (Academic); Officers Christopher Glascock and Jay McKeown (Vehicle Skills); Officer Vincent Forrest (Firearms); and Officers Kirtriya Washington and Derek Tarr (Physical Skills). The new officers all completed approximately 24 weeks of training at the police academy, which includes a full program of physical, classroom, and firearms training to prepare them for the challenges of being a police officer. The subjects covered include laws of arrest, search and seizure, criminal law, traffic regulations, human relations, community policing, and ethics. In addition, recruit officers receive skills training in firearms, operation of emergency police vehicles, self-defense, advanced first aid, and much more.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is focused on building a crime-fighting partnership with the community, and developing our own promise and potential as a department. Police work requires a certain type of individual — one who has strong interpersonal skills and the motivation to work with our partners to help build strong, safe and healthy communities throughout the District of Columbia.

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