11 April, 2009

DEA Make Numerous Arrests Seize Thousands in Drugs

April 9, 2009
Metropolitan Police and DEA Make Numerous Arrests Seize Thousands in Drugs

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Washington Division Office and the US Attorney’s Office announced today the arrests of 20 suspects for the possession and distribution of narcotics.

The DEA Mobile Enforcement Team (MET), a joint operation of MPD and DEA, has been targeting violent drug related crime in Woodland Terrace since October 2008. MET has been targeting violent offenders who are trafficking in crack cocaine, heroin, PCP, and marijuana in this neighborhood. In addition, MET is dismantling the sources of supply who provide the drugs and guns to the violent drug crews. MPD and MET have executed 16 search warrants and made 20 arrests of suspects for numerous offenses, including distribution and possession of crack cocaine, heroin, PCP, and marijuana, and seized drugs with a street value in excess of $10,000.

Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said residents in that community are and have been concerned about the daily operation of drugs. “Today is a good day for Woodland Terrace,” Chief Lanier said. “We want to bring peace back to our communities.”

“We are committed to keeping drugs off of our streets in the District and ensuring that our communities are safe,” Mayor Fenty said. “With today’s arrests at Woodland Terrace we are sending a strong message that we won’t tolerate drugs in our communities.”

The primary mission of MET is to disrupt and dismantle violent drug trafficking crews/organizations and their drug and gun sources of supply.

“DEA and the Metropolitan Police Department have once again combined forces to dismantle violent drug trafficking crews operating in Washington, DC. These arrests, drug and gun seizures, will ensure that the citizens of this community will not be plagued by this group of predators who had no regard for the safety of their neighbors or their quality of life,” said Ava Cooper-Davis, DEA Special Agent in Charge Washington Field Division.

“Today’s law enforcement actions will make Woodland Terrace a safer place for its residents and visitors,” said U.S. Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor. “We must remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce and eliminate drug trafficking in our city.”

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