11 April, 2009

D.C. Anti-Littering Enforcement Efforts

April 10, 2009
Metropolitan Police to Begin Anti-Littering Enforcement Efforts

The Anti-Littering Amendment Act of 2008, which was passed by the Council of the District of Columbia in December 2008, went into effect at the end of March. The new law prohibits individuals from disposing, causing, or allowing the disposal of litter from a vehicle upon any public or private property. Litter includes all rubbish, waste matter, refuse, garbage, trash, debris, dead animals, or other discarded materials of every kind and description.

Starting April 10, 2009 (today), the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will begin a 30-day warning period to alert motorists of the littering violation and associated fines. Following the warning period, police will begin issuing actual Notices of Infraction (NOIs) to motorists caught littering from their vehicles. The fine for a traffic littering violation is $100 per violation.

Litter poses health risks, harms water quality and wildlife habitat, and is an offense against communities. Neighborhoods with a lot of litter are at risk of more serious crime and disorder.

“Keeping streets and sidewalks clean also helps to keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. “Police officers, with our round–the–clock presence on the streets of the District, can support the important mission of the Department of Public Works and the Mayor’s Office of the Clean City to keep our city clean.”

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