15 July, 2008

PSA 102 Meeting Minutes - July 8 2008

PSA 102 Meeting Minutes - July 8 2008

Robert Pittman Co-Coordinator of PSA 102 opened the meeting at 7:10pm. Pittman Introduced:

• Brandon Bies Co-Coordinator of PSA 102
• Lieutenant Kimberlee Williams PSA 102 Commander
• Officers Carver and Pitt

More than 40 residents joined the meeting already in progress which included ANC Chairmen from 6A and 6C and ANC Commissioner Tony Richardson (6C). Joining the committee were Caroline Jhingory of the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Michael Bonds of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) and Carolyn Smith 1st District Community Relations Liaison for the Metropolitan Police Department. Also an additional six police officers were in attendance along with Linda Taylor Ward Six Manager for the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Lieutenant Williams began with a report of the crime statistics in PSA 102 for the last 30 day period.
• 12 Robberies
• 13 ADW (Assault w Dangerous Weapon (12 non-pistol)
• 9 Burglaries
• Union Station Robbery (Arrest made)
• Burglary Today (Arrest made)
• 400 H Street Recording Studio being used as a Club and hangout for juveniles. Owner/manager asked to attend this meeting (No-Show)
• Victim of Pepper Spray Incident is okay was defending his property (car)
• Juveniles are not from this area. 8th and H Streets is a major transfer point across the entire city with many juveniles and others transferring to the 90 bus or X Lines to far northeast or far southeast.
• Juveniles who are committing crimes are getting back on buses and getting away.
• Studio 400 does not have a business license to conduct entertainment venue related activities and it’s still unclear as to what and why they were granted a “One Day” ABC license. Internal investigation is underway with DCRA and ABRA to determine the status of the business.
• The success rates of PSA 102 Officers in apprehending suspects in robbery, burglary and assaults are high.

Problems presented by PSA 102 residents:

• Issue #1: Residents say they need more help with male transgender prostitution, drug dealing/use, alley overgrowth, and a feeling of unsafe environment.
• Response: MPD will create a prostitution free zone and anyone who enters that zone for the purposes of soliciting will be arrested. Both Bies and Pittman have discussed prostitution diversion and drug addiction programs included in any sentence that a judge may give to offenders. Bies and Pittman do not want arrests to occur simply to have people released and back on the streets to continue the same behaviors. Suggestion, have residents start a petition now to require or aid Judges in sentencing and diversion programs for drug addiction and help with other behaviors inconsistent with community norms.
• Issue #2: Studio 400 and underage kids has become a problem affecting the residents in the immediate area of 4th and H Streets NE. It’s a studio per its license so why would it apply for ABC licenses (One Day) and why would the intent seem to be to have kids attend weekly Go-Go’s?
• Response: Investigations have begun into the license and the issuance of a One Day ABC License. Studio 400 has been shut down as a result of its actions and failure to explain its practices to the Community.
• Issue#3 Assaults on Neighbors particularly white males by teenagers (some on bikes) between Union Station and 14th Street, N.E. south of H Street. These attacks are occurring in the evening, night and late night.
• Response: Police response is heighten patrols. Community Walks will begin in the area along with some other measures to regain control of our neighborhood and ensure the safety of our residents
• Issue #4: Residents raised concerns again that parking on G, 12th, 13th , Wylie and Eye Streets, Linden Place and Linden Court, N.E. is preventing them from being able to park when they come home because of the lack of city planning to ensure that the Bars on H Street had adequate parking.
• Response: Police and Parking enforcement is once again asked to step up enforcement in the area around these Streets and discourage double parking in front of the Atlas and other ABC establishments on H Street. Some Block members are petitioning DDOT for Residential Parking Permitted streets through to 12AM of each day with enforcement at night.
• Issue #5: Some residents raised questions about how to protect themselves.
• Response: Pittman reminded residents that speaking and knowing your neighbors will save you. Teenagers and other who are from the neighborhood act as a deterrent to teenagers who come from other areas looking to cause trouble. The police also reminded residents that talking on the cell phones or listening to other devices like mp3 players are a distraction and place you at increased risk of attack because you appear to others as a potential victim. Carolyn Smith, MPD1D Community Coordinator reminded residents that we are a community and that we all have a role in public safety.

Legislative or Procedural Changes Needed This Period

• Getting arrested is a revolving door. Juveniles who commit felony offenses should be held as adults with the option by the D.C. Attorney General and the US Attorney for the District of Columbia to charge juveniles who are repeat offenders as adults and incarcerate them as such.
• Consider repeat offender prostitutes a crime of a magnitude that destroys neighborhoods and creates excessive costs to correct; therefore offenders should face felony prosecution.

Many other comments ensued and wrapped up with Pittman and Bies reminding attended that National Night Out is Tuesday August 5, 2008 from 5-9pm. A community Walk will begin at 6PM at Senate Square and at the Argonaut. Both groups will meet at 10th Street and come to Sherwood Recreation Center to join the festivities celebrating fighting and deterring crime and public disorder. The meeting concluded at 8:30pm

Next Meeting Tuesday August 12, 2008 7PM

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