12 July, 2008

Mayor Fenty Schedules an Attack of Vacant Property, Prostitution, Drugs and Trashed Alleys at 2nd and K Streets

Ward 6 Core Team Fix-it
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
at 10am
Meeting at the Corner of 2nd and K Street NE

Neighbors Invited

We are visiting this area to resolve some of the public health and safety concerns that are a result of the alleged prostitution throughout the area. We visited the area yesterday, 07/10/2008 and walked throughout 2nd and 3rd and K and Parker Street NE with neighbors to survey healthy/safety concerns and take photographs, which are attached. Caroline is requesting a multi-agency response for the following:

Department of Health (DOH) – due to the excessive amount of used condoms, stagnant water, and fecal matter found throughout the alley We are requesting a survey the area for potential health concerns. Abatement for rodents and spraying for mosquito larva.

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) – Evidence of illegal activity occurring behind 209 K Street NE, a vacant property, owner has failed to maintain, front side-window of property is broken out and according to next door neighbor prostitutes and “customers” enter through this window. Property owner(s) be fined cited for additional violations.

Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Urban Forestry Division – Survey of area for potential increase in street lighting and trimming of trees which according to residents shade illegal activity. Also, there were several large and deep potholes throughout the alley holding stagnant water with mosquitoes flying around it.

Department of Public Works (DPW) - Area be surveyed for abandoned/unregistered vehicles. SWEEP clean public space areas and alleys of debris, condoms, clothing, and liquor bottles. Property owners be fined/cited for additional violations.

Department of Human Services (DHS) – Even though we will be visiting during the day, I have run into these alleged “prostitutes,” during the day and we would like to have someone on board that could offer them some of the city’s social services. DC Fire Department (DCFD) – To view area for issues surrounding fire safety hazardous conditions.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) – Lt. Williams and a few of her officers to join us to assure safety and provide perspective on issues in this community in addition to provide information on what MPD is doing to secure the area.

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