12 August, 2011

Warning about Verizon Equipment

In light of recent incidents in which Verizon equipment has been tampered with in Washington, DC, the public should be aware of any suspicious activity that occurs at or around any Verizon equipment. Here are a few activities to be alert for:

1) There should be a marked Verizon vehicle present if an individual is working on a telephone box; orange cones should be present.
2) Non-Verizon vehicles should have signage indicating that their specific company is a contractor working on behalf of Verizon.
3) Be alert for activity at telephone equipment at off hours - Most service related activities will take place between the hours of 6AM-6PM.
4) Be alert for suspicious people. e.g., persons walking, on skates or on bikes (particularly any wearing red shirts) that stop at a telephone box, a cross connect box or fiber hub or other telephone facility and appear to be working on telephone equipment.
5) Be alert to someone carrying an ax, hatchet or cutting tool of any type including a scissors.
6) Be alert for someone who spends a very short time in an opened phone box.
7) All Verizon employees should be visibly displaying his/her company issued ID badge at worksites.

If you see any suspicious activity, please call 911 and give an accurate location, description of any persons or vehicles, and the suspicious activities being observed.

Thank you.

Cathy L. Lanier
Chief of Police

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