21 December, 2010

Use CommonSense During Holidays and Beyond

Happy Holidays to All,

Below, MPD warns residents to think first about how to ensure your personal safety. Know your neighbors, speak to people passing through the streets because you don't know who may save you in a crisis situation.  Get to know people along your route home and stay off of cell phones and ipods.  MPD states:

As the holidays approach, MPD will continue to share information, based on recent and past crime trends to aide you with protecting yourself and your property.

Burglary Safety Alert: Before traveling for the holidays, take a quick outdoor assessment of your house or apartment at night and during the day. Be sure to take measures to ensure your house appears "lived-in" or occupied. Make sure all windows (even 2nd floor windows are closed and locked. Contact the post office to hold your mail (usps.gov). If you leave a music box or television playing, make sure it is not at a level that disturbs the peace. Never leave the empty boxes for valuable items in front of your home for trash pick up (i.e. televisions, game consoles, DVD players, etc). See the following link for additional tips. http://www.ehow.com/way_5261455_burglary-prevention.html

Robbery Alert: On Monday morning, December 20th, shortly after midnight, the complainant reports two suspects approached her. Suspect #1 pointed a black handgun at her face. Suspect #2 went through the complainant’s pockets and looked for property to take with negative results. Lookout is for Suspect #1: black male teen 16-17 years of age, 5’7”, slim build, shoulder length dreadlocks, wearing dark clothing and a black/white scarf armed with a black handgun; Suspect #2 black male teen 16-17 years of age, 5’8”, 140 lbs., wearing black pants and a black hoodie. Report taken in the Third District PSA 307 (1300 Block of R. Street, NW)

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