04 December, 2010


On August 25, 2010 at approximately 2:40 pm, a 79-year-old woman was leaving work
where she works with impoverished residents and those infected with HIV and walking to the
bus stop. As she was walking toward the bus stop, a 16-year-old suspect ran towards her and
violently knocked her to the ground. The suspect then snatched the victim’s bag and ran away.
Nearby motorists saw what happened, stopped their vehicles, and ran over to assist the
victim who told them that everything she had was in the bag. One of the motorists called 9-1-1
and the other one got back into his car and chased after the suspect. The suspect ran down a
one-way street and the motorist got out of his car and pursued the juvenile suspect on foot.
During the pursuit, the motorist saw Officers Maria Nicholson and Sherwood Ballard
and flagged them down as he lost sight of the suspect. He gave the officers a description and
pointed in the direction where the suspect was last seen. While Officer Nicholson drove in the direction where the suspect was last seen running,
Officer Ballard announced over the Seventh District radio zone that a robbery had just occurred.

In their search, the officers saw the suspect jogging in the street. Both officers got out of the vehicle and ran after the suspect. Seconds later, Seventh District Officer Christopher Dyke
arrived on the scene and placed the suspect in handcuffs.
During the chase, the suspect dropped the victim’s bag. One of the motorists retrieved
it and returned it to her.Seventh District Officers Chelsea Pulaski and Jeremy Bank located and interviewed Ms.
Keane and the two motorists. Officer Pulaski arrested the juvenile suspect and presented the
case to the Attorney General’s Office.
The suspect is in jail and off the streets of the District of Columbia. The quick actions
of the motorists and the investigative teamwork of the officers helped close this case. These
members were recognized during the December 2010 CHAMPS ceremony. They were among
17 MPD members honored during this month’s ceremony.

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