05 June, 2010


“Aggressive driving” is described as a combination of unsafe and unlawful actions that demonstrate a conscious and willful disregard for safety. The following offenses are included: running red lights and stop signs; following too closely, or tailgating; changing lanes unsafely; failing to yield the right of way; improper passing; and speeding. Dozens of law enforcement agencies from the District, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania are cooperating in intensive aggressive driving enforcement “waves” - one each month from June through September. The current enforcement wave, which runs from June 6-12, 2010,
is in addition to their everyday traffic safety efforts of these law enforcement agencies.

Running red lights and stop signs, unsafe lane changes, and tailgating will get you pulled over—resulting in big penalties and points. Law enforcement in DC, Maryland and Virginia are getting tough on aggressive drivers, to make our roads safer. So lighten up at the wheel.
Because if you’re driving in a hurry, angry, and act like you own the road, you’re going to get caught. To help you keep your cool, the MPD provides a list of 10 Basic Rules of Courtesy and Safety. Drivers are less likely to become aggressive, if they allow extra travel
time and don’t feel rushed. Drivers are also less likely to instigate aggressive driving in others if they maintain an adequate distance from other vehicles, signal intentions to other drivers when turning and changing lanes, and refrain from inappropriate behavior such
as making faces or rude or obscene gestures.

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