23 June, 2010

900 Block of I Street, N.E.

900 Block of I Street, N.E.

Neighbors, there has been a second shooting at or should I say in the same location as before. Police are aware and on top of this situation. This is a hotspot that has been known for years. Neighbors have complained and as recently as the last PSA 102 meeting made it clear to police that they want action. Both police and government agencies are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

The individuals involved in this incident are known to the other and is not necessarily associated with a particular address, as it has been reported. That is not to say that the individuals involved have not been seen at any particular house.

The second shooting is not at this time linked to any one address and there is an arrest in this case. Police are patrolling the area with more frequency.

The immediate ANC Commissioner is also working on this problem with the police.

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