01 May, 2010

On-Line Permitting System (TOPS)


Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Gabe
Klein announce the launch of the new District Transportation On-Line Permitting System (TOPS).

The new intuitive, online system enables home owners, tenants, and businesses alike to apply for the specific type of public space occupancy, construction, excavation, annual or rental permit required for use of the public space within the District of Columbia from home, from conveniently placed kiosks at local Metropolitan Police Department District offices or DDOT’s Public Space Permit Office at 1100 4th Street in southwest.

DDOT’s TOPS system allows the public to go on-line to apply for any available public space permit. Whether you need to occupy metered or unmetered curbside parking, sidewalk, alley or travel lane areas for your activity or construction related work.
The new on-line system also prompted a redesign of the current Emergency No Parking
policies and distribution. Following the mandates of a 2006 City Council law that created both an “Emergency No Parking” sign and a “Reserved Parking” sign DDOT has redesigned and reformatted the template for these signs. The law specified information to be included on the signs and provided penalties for people posting signs improperly. Under this program DDOT issues temporary Emergency No Parking (ENP) permits for uses like construction and trash containers and Reserved Parking (RP) permits for short term uses like a mobile storage container, a moving
truck or non-recurring events, such as weddings.

As part of the legislation, certain information must now be included on the signs, or penaltieswill be enforced for people posting signs improperly and for people defacing or removing valid signs. Historically “emergency no parking” signs could be purchased at hardware stores or even printed at home. This made enforcement of the signs and verification of the posting time consuming and difficult. The old version of the sign provided little or no contact information and the purpose of the posting was unclear, whether it is for utility or construction work, or a special event or moving truck. In addition, parking was often restricted longer than necessary.

The new signs will provide inspectors with a permit number, contact name, and exact
posting information allowing for stricter and culpable enforcement.

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