15 January, 2009

PSA 102 Public Safety Meeting Agenda

Sherwood Recreation Center
Tuesday 13 January 2009

Presiding: PSA102 Coordinators Bies and Pittman
PSA Crime Statistician Roger Mattioli
PSA Recorder Irene Walker
AUSA Community Prosecutor Doug Klein
USAO Community Outreach Specialist Carolyn Crank
MPD 1D Outreach Specialist Carolyn Smith


I. Introductions Bies and Pittman 7:05pm

II. Crime Analysis PSA102 Crime Statistician Roger Mattioli 7:08pm
III. Crime Statistics MPD Officials 7:15pm

IV. Crime Questions and Comments 7:25pm

V. Old Business Review of December Minutes 7:30pm
VI. New Business: 7:35pm

Proposed Restaurant/Lounge Class CT ABC License (Tavern)
With Entertainment Endorsement 401 H Street, N.E.

Discussion of Your Community Safety Concerns

VII. Announcements 8:00pm
VIII. Adjournment 8:15pm

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