31 January, 2009

Detectives Are Coming February 2009

Did You Think We Moved On?

A Year in Review
The PSA 102 Neighborhood Public Safety Committee has requested the Metropolitan Police Department to assess crime and crime closures rates in PSA 102. This means our next meeting, will have Metropolitan Police Department Detectives. The police make the arrests and detectives followup on the case. These officials will give us a look at what are outstanding criminal issues in our community. Residents and businesses will have the opportunity to discuss with Detectives any outstanding cases.

Problem-solving is the primary focus of these meetings and this is another step in which we bring different components of law enforcement to our fellow community members. Anyone having deeply personal criminal matters will be able to confidentially meet with detectives following their presentation (if necessary or arrange a time for a more confidential discussion.

PSA 102 Neighborhood Public Safety Committee Meetings are held monthly at Sherwood Recreation Center located at 640 Tenth Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. 7:00pm on the Second Tuesday of each month (not on federal or District holidays).

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