06 May, 2011

Ward 6 Budget Town Hall Meeting

We are less than 24 hours from the Ward 6 Budget Town Hall Meeting, and Mayor Gray hopes to see you and hear from you!

Today's budget proposal fact: There will be a 8% reduction in funds for the Department of Health and Human Services. That is $113.4 Million. You can go to budget.dc.gov to read how the $113.4 Million is broken out across the department. Some residents want to see the taxes of the wealthiest residents increased further than what has been proposed (read my email earlier in the week) while a segment of people feel the government is already doing too much and should cut further.  It is very important that Mayor Gray hears the opinions of Ward 6 and here is the information for tomorrow's town hall meeting:

                                                                                     Ward 6 Town Hall Budget Meeting
                                                                                     Saturday, May 7, 3:00pm
                                                                                     Miner Elementary School
                                                                                     601 15th Street, NE

Your Host Committee is:

Councilmember Tommy Wells

Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association
Penn Quarter Neighborhood Association
Linden Neighborhood Association, Inc.
CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce

Commissioner David Holmes, Chair, ANC 6A
Commissioner Neil Glick, Chair, ANC 6B
Commissioner Rob McBee, Chair, ANC 6D
Commissioner Adam Healy, ANC 6A01
Commissioner Andrew Hysell, ANC 6A06
Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, ANC 6B2
Commissioner Brian Pate, ANC 6B5
Commissioner Jared Critchfield ANC 6B06
Commissioner Brian Flahaven, ANC 6B09
Commissioner Bill Crews, ANC 6C07
Commissioner Andy Litsky, ANC 6D04
Tom Madison, Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association
Jo-Ann Neuhaus, Executive Director, Penn Quarter Neighborhood Association
Julia Christian, Executive Director, CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce
The Chairman of ANC 6D, Rob McBee

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