27 March, 2011

Safety Tips from MPD

Five Weekend Safety Tips.
You can:
1) Reduce 'Theft from Autos'- Report suspicious activity. If you observe anyone peeking in and out of vehicles; or acting suspiciously around the front and back of homes in your block, report it to 9-1-1. Tell your neighbors to conduct exit exams when they leave their vehicles. Walk around the car and peek into the windows. Make sure spare change, electronic devices, packages, shopping bags and charging devices are not in plain view. Use anti-theft devices for added safety.
2) Reduce ‘Bicycle Theft’ by securing your bicycles inside of your home, instead of outside; and by using anti-theft devices, even bike alarms to secure your bicycles in safe places you visit.
3) Reduce ‘Gas Station Robberies and Theft’ by planning to gas-up vehicles during daylight hours and by IMMEDIATELY locking your doors the moment you exit the vehicle (even while standing next to the vehicle to pump gas); keeping purses and other valuable items in the trunk of the car or a secured location in the back of the car; being as vigilant as possible (watching cars and people as they pull up near your vehicle).
4) Reduce ‘Street Robberies’ by staying FREE OF DISTRACTIONS. Make a habit of putting cell phones and music players away as you walk around. Avoid carrying large sums of cash, large purses and cards like Social Security Cards that would place you in jeopardy of being a victim of identity theft.
5) Travel in groups. Watch people around you. Some victims of crimes have reported being asked the time or for directions before a street robbery. Avoid using outdoor ATMs or machines that are not in areas that make you feel safe. In the District, some police stations house ATMs. Make plans to quickly secure items after leaving a store where expensive electronics are purchased. Certain stores will allow you to place a tracking device on your electronics immediately after purchasing.

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