10 January, 2011

DC US Attorney Reports Abramoff Colleague Convicted in Lobbing Scheme

Abramoff Colleague Convicted in Lobbing Scheme
Kevin Ring, a former lobbyist who worked with Jack Abramoff, was convicted last month for his involvement in a scheme to corrupt public officials. Ring and his co-conspirators would identify public officials to perform official actions that would assist Ring and his clients. He groomed the public officials by rewarding them with things of value in exchange for their official actions. These included all-expenses-paid travel, meals, drinks, golf outings, tickets to sporting events, concerts, and even an employment opportunity for the wife of a congressman. The items were then often billed back to Ring’s and Abramoff’s clients. To date, 20 individuals, including lobbyists and public officials, have pleaded guilty, been convicted at trial, or are awaiting trial in connection with the ongoing investigation into the activities of Abramoff and his associates.
Ring will be sentenced in March 2011.

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