04 October, 2010

Be Careful and Use Common Sense

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, at 11:50 p.m. a Theft II offense occurred in the 3100 block of M St., N.W. (PSA 206) and was subsequently reported to the MPD.

The victim reported that an unknown suspect(s) stole her purse containing credit cards and other personal items while she was inside a restaurant. There is no lookout for this offense.

Safety Tip: Ladies/Gentlemen: Make a habit of securing your purses/bags while visiting restaurants. Never leave a bag hanging on the back of a chair. Many restaurants become very crowded, especially on the weekends. It only takes a second to become distracted, causing you to lose site and possession of a valuable. Please share these and other safety tips this month with friends, family and neighbors. Knowledge of crime trends can prevent future victimizations.

Office of Community Outreach

Metropolitan Police Department

Washington, DC

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