22 September, 2010

late night burglaries

Recently we have seen an increase trend in late night burglaries within your community. These burglaries occur late at night (usually after 10pm) and victims are home and usually asleep. In all cases, entry was made through unlocked first floor windows after screens are cut. With the nice weather, residents have apparently left their windows ajar making entry easy. Locked screens are very little or no deterrent. It’s recommended that you lock and secure all windows and doors when you leave or when you retire for the evening (or if you’re going to spend a majority of time in a room other then where the window is open). Depending on your windows there are locking mechanisms which allow the window to be opened slightly but prevent further openings unless the lock is compromised- however, the best prevention of course is to lock and secure the windows, keep valuables out of sight.

Although alarm systems add extra protection they can also be expensive (especially if you must commit to an extended monitoring contract). Improving locks and lighting can also provide protection at a more affordable cost (consider motion detectors around exterior).

For additional information and prevention tips, visit the link below from the National Crime Prevention Council


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