31 August, 2010

90 & 92 Metrobuses Five Days northbound Plan

8th Street Bus Stop For Northbound 90 & 92 Metrobuses Moves To The North Side Of H Street

For Five Days Beginning Monday, August 30

The 8th Street N.E. bus stop for the northbound 90 and 92 Metrobuses – currently located on the east side of 8th Street just south of H Street – will be moved for five days to the east side of 8th Street just north of H Street.

Weather permitting, the move will take effect at 7:00 am Monday, August 30, and will continue through Friday, September 3.

The temporary bus stop move is necessary to accommodate construction of the sidewalk on the east corner of 8th Street south of H Street.

There will be no change in the 90 and 92 bus routes. The bus shelter at the permanent bus stop on the southeast side of 8th Street will not be moved. It will be protected during construction as the new sidewalk is built around it.

The sidewalk construction activity includes re-setting the curb, excavating the old sidewalk and preparing the surface, pouring and placing the exposed aggregate concrete for the new sidewalk, preparing the sidewalk site designated for decorative pavers, and placing the pavers.

On the southwest side of 8th Street, placing the pavers is the final step in completing the new sidewalk, and this is scheduled to be done on Monday, August 30. After that, the southbound 90 and 92 buses will resume use of the permanent bus stop on the southwest side of 8th Street. During the construction work, the stop was temporarily moved to the northwest corner of 8th and H Streets.

The work is part of the District Department of Transportation’s H Street Reconstruction Project. More information about the project is available on the DDOT website, http://ddot.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/ under the Ward 6 portion of the “Projects and Planning” section.

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