19 April, 2010

Stabbing at Sticky Rice

On Tuesday/Wednesday night March 30-31 there was a stabbing that occurred inside of Sticky Rice. The incident stemmed from a birthday party that was happening at Sticky Rice among Special Police Officers. The Birthday Guy dropped money on the floor and it was picked up by an unknown hooded person. When the Birthday Guy's friends confronted the individual, that Suspect threaten to kill one of them. As I understand what happened the Suspect ran upstairs and was able to reach behind the bar and obtain two sushi knives while being pursued by the Birthday guys friends. After gaining access to the knives, he must have approached the Birthday Guys friends who ran back downstairs at a point where one of the friends was stabbed multiple times. A bigger fight happened at this point eventually spilling into the street.

Reports are that there was difficulty in getting through to 911 (checking that out/still waiting on verifiable information). A female suspect appears to have gotten involved at this point allegedly biting one of the Birthday Guys friends (again, waiting for clarification and further details).

An arrest was made in the incident when the suspect appeared in the same hospital as the victim for treatment. Alert police stopped the individual (suspect) and after being positively identified by the victim he was arrested for assault with intent to kill.

This incident at Sticky Rice is the second assault that has occurred since early 2009 in which there was a documented report.

MPD has already made changes to staffing with the anticipation of the bar scene events that happen particularly during warmer months. I will be providing a detailed report on this incident in coming posts.

Information on this event is verifiable from ABRA Report 10-251-00074 and MPD Report CCN# 10-040848. There are other issues associated with this and a previous incident at this establishment that we hope to get clarification from at the next PSA meeting.

The establishment did submit a security plan on April 1, 2010 to ABRA.

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