14 March, 2010


On June 9, 2009, Officers Benjamin Mallory and Derek Washington were walking foot beat patrols in PSA 702, conducting routine engagement with the community. As they were walking, they were approached by a subject who began uttering incoherently. Eventually, the officers were discerned that the subject was upset for arresting him days earlier. Neither officer could recall any previous encounter with the subject and had no idea what he was talking about.

The officers informed the subject that he was mistaken and directed him to continue moving. The officers then proceeded to a local business for a routine business check when the same subject entered the establishment.Recognizing that the subject did not belong there, the officers asked him to leave. Moments later, while the officers were outside talking to a business employee, the subject approached the officers and began to physically assault them. Their efforts to subdue the subject’s vicious attack had no effect on the subject.

Eventually, Officer Washington voiced a 10-33 over the air. Sergeant Laswaun Washington responded to the scene as did other members of the Seventh District. Once Sergeant Washington arrived and assessed the situation, he determined that Officer Mallory was under severe stress. Sergeant Washington immediately responded by tackling the subject to ground, saving Officer Mallory’s life. The subject continued his assault on anyone he encountered. Officer Jeremy Bank assisted Sergeant Washington in eventually subduing the subject. Officers Washington and Mallory sustained injuries as a result of the assault.

For successfully subduing a dangerous criminal who viciously attacked several of MPD
officers, these officers were recognized during the March 2010 CHAMPS ceremony. They
were among 22 MPD members honored during this month’s ceremony.

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