07 February, 2009


On Friday, February 6, 2009, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty reintroduced the Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act with revised provisions aimed at strengthening measures to limit gang activity, enforce compliance among gun offenders, and crack down on illegal gun possession. The new provisions will create a registry to effectively supervise gun offenders and provide confidentiality protections for juvenile gang members. More importantly, the bill focuses efforts to deter at-risk youth from gang involvement by connecting them to programs that steer them toward positive life choices. The bill also makes it illegal to knowingly possess a firearm in a vehicle.
“Protecting the lives of District residents and youth is a top priority,” said Mayor Fenty. “We’re reintroducing this legislation to send a clear message that the District will use all the tools at its disposal to fight crime in our city.” He added, “This measure also ensures at-risk youth have alternative options that prevent violence among of kids.”

“The purpose of this bill is twofold—to keep repeat violent offenders off our streets and save lives. It is well known that an overwhelming majority of the homicides that are committed are committed by those who’ve been arrested before,” said Metropolitan Police Department Chief Lanier. According to Attorney General Nickles, “This bill contains necessary amendments and provisions that are essential to protecting citizens and our youth from senseless crimes. Would be criminals should think twice about their actions, because the District is not going to make it
easy for them to harm our residents. Through this legislation, the administration will strengthen District laws to crackdown on criminal activities.”

The Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2009 represents the District’s commitment to
fighting crime on behalf of the 600,000 citizens living in the city. With tougher laws that increase penalties for violent crimes, the District can effectively send a message to criminals in an effort to deter potential crimes from even taking place.

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