29 October, 2008

Councilmember Wells Creates Ward 6 Juvenile Crime Task Force

Press Release: October 28, 2008Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy WellsImmediate ReleaseContact: Charles Allen1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Room 408Washington, D.C. 20004(202) 724-8072www.TommyWells.org

Councilmember Wells Creates Ward 6 Juvenile Crime Task Force On Tuesday, October 28th, Councilmember Tommy Wells announced plans to create a Ward 6 Juvenile Crime Task Force.
"While crime in the District and Ward 6 is generally decreasing, crimes committed by juveniles remain a significant problem and in some neighborhoods, appear to be growing in their intensity and violence," stated Wells.
The task force will be comprised of Ward 6 ANC leaders and non-profit community-based providers, as well as District agency representatives. The task force will be staffed by members of the Councilmember's office and their goal is to create a set of recommendations targeted to reduce juvenile crime in Ward 6 neighborhoods.
"This effort is to create a strategic approach to reforms and efforts that target juvenile crime," added Wells, "bringing some of the best thinking to the table to research, develop and propose various concrete recommendations to decrease juvenile crime in the Ward."
In addition to the research and information collected by the task force, Councilmember Wells wants the group to review recommendations from the community. To that effect, he has established a tool on his website where residents and neighbors can make suggestions for the task force to review and consider. The link to the submission form is featured on his website, www.TommyWells.org.
After the task force completes its recommendations, Councilmember Wells will host the group at three community meetings – each in a different neighborhood of the Ward – to present the findings and final recommendations and seek feedback and input to gauge whether the community should move forward with any of the ideas.

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