17 September, 2008

MPD and Federal Partners Reduce Violent Crime

MPD and Federal Partners Reduce Violent Crime

Traci Hughes (MPD), (202) 727-9346
Special Agent Jerome Sampson (DEA), (202) 305-8500

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced today that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has made significant strides in lowering violent crime in the District. Today, as part of MPD’s continuting operation with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Mobile Enforcement Team (MET), MPD made seven arrests, conducted five search warrants and seized crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana with a street value in excess of $12,000.

As announced last month, the DEA Mobile Enforcement Team (MET), a joint operation of MPD and the DEA, has been cracking down on drug related crimes, drug sellers and drug users in the Trinidad area and other neighborhoods. Last month the MET made 78 arrests and seized drugs with a street value of more than $125,000.

The takedowns are just one part of the way MPD is combating violent crime. Detectives are getting homicide suspects off the streets faster. Working in conjunction with the Homicide Intelligence Task Force, information about the homicide is immediately gathered, and sources are interviewed to prevent retaliation. The Homicide and Sexual Offenses Branch has a 60% closure rate, compared to 53% this time last year. Just in the month of August, MPD closed 15 homicides in less than 30 days.

As part of a multi-pronged approach to fighting crime in areas that have experienced an increase in violent crime, MPD, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) and the US Marshal Service, violent crime in the District for the months of June through August has dropped by six percent. Historical crime trends show an increase in violent crime during the summer, and in 2008, violent crime in the District was at a five year low, dropping by as much at 16% since 2003.

“Our goal is simple: remove the gangs and crews by removing their drug territories, their sources of drugs and the weapons they use to commit violent crimes,” said Chief Lanier.

"This continued show of force and zero tolerance approach taken by DEA and our partners in the Metropolitan Police Department sends a strong message to those engaged in drug trafficking, violent crime, gun, and gang activity that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Together, DEA and MPD will vigorously pursue these criminals and lock up those who engage in such violence and illegal conduct," said Mike Ferguson, DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Washington Field Division.

The reduction in violent crime is due in large part to the formation of Crime Suppression Teams in each police District, the creation of a Homicide Intelligence Task Force, and partnerships with our federal partners in targeting violent offenders and drug traffickers.

Our federal partners are playing an integral role crime reduction. The MPD Gun Recovery Unit has recovered 369 guns this year. MPD has worked with the ATFE Firearms Trafficking Task Force to trace some of those weapons to point of sale/distribution. Overall, more than 1,700 guns have been taken off District streets in 2008.

“This is a great achievement for the District by the Metropolitan Police Department, said Mayor Fenty. “I commend our hard working members of MPD who put their lives on the line everyday to reduce violent crime and keep residents safe.”

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